We provide project development and regeneration consultancy working with stakeholders and funders to attract inward investment and unlock opportunities across the Jurassic Coast region.

We have brought together to a world class team of specialist consultants, thought leaders and scientists from across the globe to create innovative and Sustainable Ventures and Infrastructure Projects that bring positive social and environmental regenerative effects alongside predictable financial returns.

Bringing Investment into Portland & Weymouth to help build a thriving economy, that celebrates the unique natural and social capital of Dorset. Creating a “New Gibraltar” at the heart of the UK’s Jurassic Coast accessible by Rail, Road, Sea and Air.

Jurassic Coast Holdings has been established to help attract significant investment to the Jurassic Coast in Dorset on the South Coast of the UK.

Let’s Co-Create a Compelling 80 year Vision for Weymouth & Portland, with the critical mass and scale, required to attract the attention of International Investors & Government; leaving a positive legacy of sustainable Rail infrastructure for future generations to enjoy.

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